13 Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Coffee

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Coffee: an Infographic

It’s no secret to any coffee drinker that coffee is liquid gold. But did you know how and why your brain and body seem to love the stuff so much? This awesome infographic from Dripped Coffee sums up the 13 reasons why your brain craves coffee.

13 Reasons Coffee Craving 3

Ryadan Jeavons

by Ryadan Jeavons

Ryd is a passionate coffee educator who started his career in 2000 as a barista. Having seen the coffee industry develop over the years and how much there is to learn about coffee still, his personal mission has become a role as the conduit between the industry and the consumer. He is passionate about educating the public on all the wonderful things we are learning about this golden liquid drink.

2 comments on "13 Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Coffee: an Infographic"

  1. This is the coolest infographics I’ve ever seen.

  2. jassica says:

    WOOW all are mine mind reason to love coffee .
    I thibk you explain all mine habbits only .
    Thank you so much

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